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Birth Trauma

This wasn’t the birth you imagined. Your loved ones are telling you to move forward but you find yourself reliving the past. You may find yourself feeling alone as your friends discuss their seemingly magical birth experiences. Some women develop anxiety as they consider growing their family-- worried they will experience another traumatic birth. Our therapists can help you process your experience and find a healthy ways to cope and find peace with your birth story.

Birth trauma can range from experiencing an unexpected cesarean section to fear of you or your baby dying during delivery.

Some women will develop symptoms of post-tramuatic stress disorder after childbirth. According to the Birth Trauma Association the most commons symptoms include:

     -Re-experiencing the traumatic event through flashbacks, nightmares or intrusive memories. These make you feel distressed and panicky.

     -Avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma. This can mean refusing to walk past the hospital where you gave birth, or avoiding meeting other women with new babies.

     -Feeling hypervigilant: this means that you are constantly alert, irritable and jumpy. You worry that something terrible is going to happen to your baby.

     -Feeling low and unhappy (“negative cognition” in the medical jargon). You may feel guilty and blame yourself for your traumatic birth. You may have difficulty remembering parts of your birth experience.

Untreated postpartum PTSD can sometimes negatively affect your bond with your baby and your relationship with your partner, family and friends. Oftentimes a woman's feelings aren't validated because the message she receives from her providers is "be grateful that you and your baby are ok." Our therapists offer a safe, 
non-judgmental space to sort through all of the feelings associated with a traumatic birth.