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Preconception & Infertility Counseling

Are you contemplating becoming a mother? Are you struggling with infertility? Although 1 in 8 couples experience difficulty conceiving, many women struggle with feelings of loneliness or isolation during their journey to motherhood. Some women experience a strain in their relationship as each partner tries to navigate this uncertain time. Other women blame themselves and struggle with the lack of control they experience throughout the process of starting a family. Undergoing fertility treatments can leave you feeling mentally, physically and financially drained. Our therapists provide caring, compassionate support for women and couples during the journey to parenthood, regardless of what the path may look like for you. We have experience working with families created through adoption, fostering, surrogacy and pregnancy. If you are struggling with the stress of conceiving you may benefit from infertility counseling. Your therapist will offer support and validation while helping you cope with the range of emotions you may be experiencing throughout your journey.